created by Braydon Dowler-Coltman & Matt Skopyk

is being HELD OVER

The Playhouse (10033 80 Avenue)

Saturday, September 2 @ 9pm



Zoe Glassman & Kristian Stec


Directed by Braydon Dowler-Coltman

Music and Sound Design by Matt Skopyk

Production Design by Megan Koshka

Production Advisor Laura Krewski

Poster & Photographs by Ryan Parker Photography

Produced by Wayne Paquette, Braydon Dowler-Coltman, & Luc Tellier


“Tell me a story”…a story of love. A new theatrical creation set to original music, framed as a visual album. To Be Moved is an emotional and physical reflection on the cycle of love.



The Playhouse (10033 80 Avenue)


Thursday, August 17               9:15 p.m.

Friday, August 18                    2:00 p.m.

Saturday, August 19                4:15 p.m.

Sunday, August 20                  7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, August 23             4:15 p.m.

Thursday, August 24               9:15 p.m.

Friday, August 25                    2:00 p.m.

Saturday, August 26                9:15 p.m.


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Blarney Productions’ To Be Moved is an absolute must-see work at the Edmonton Fringe. Directed by Braydon Dowler-Coltman, it debuts as a production achievement on every single level—delivering a riveting experience that is impossible to look away from. Matt Skopyk’s original music, like every other part of the show, works towards a refined theme. While the variety of presented genres serve each scene perfectly, every rhythm and chord progression pushes forward, always looking for a way to resolve. It grows and ebbs during the love story between the two-person cast. In a pas de deux that feels like it’s made for the present, Anna (Zoe Glassman) and Jeff (Kristian Stec) move naturally with each other in a dance that’s playfully repetitive, yet reinforced with intentional variation that can’t be ignored. Throughout the set, movement combines with a commanding use of imagery and design. A turntable spins a record of their encounters—in an impressive display of modern light design that matches the music. To Be Moved’s self-described “visual album” puts any digital visualizer to shame thanks to production designer Megan Koshka. It’s an incredibly focussed work that aims for the highest heights of theatrical accomplishment and reaches them with some of the finest engineering. Do not miss it.

5 Stars out of 5

Kevin Pennyfeather – Vue Weekly

To Be Moved

What a lovely, non-verbal, embracing-all-senses show To Be Moved is. 

This is collaborative, accessible art at its finest – Meagan Koshka’s interwoven visual design, Matt Skopyk’s most appropriate electronic music … which actually carries a melody, thank you very much, the movements and emotions of actors Zoe Glassman and Kristian Stec, all bought together by artistic and conceptual director Braydon Dowler-Coltman. 

It’s quite gorgeous.  A young sweet couple are  so much in love, that romantic love is everywhere – in  their dance, emotions, surroundings, music. 

Then there’s an an argument and ensuing tragedy – but still within the soft, billowy surroundings. The only weakness of this show is the fact that the falling-out is too abrupt to make much sense.   

It’s quite delicious, as a spectator, to be wrapped up in a show where dance, music and the occasional spoken word feed the intuitive, rather than the rational side of the brain.This is a very fine original show that could become oft-produced, given it would work well for any small creative theatre/dance troupe.

4.5 Stars out of 5

Graham Hicks –


“What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?” Anna (Zoe Glassman) asks Jeff (Kristian Stec) as their attraction blossoms  before our very eyes — and ears. “Music!” he says instantly.

Jeff is in the right show.

There is something magical about the way sound becomes music and music becomes narrative in To Be Moved. It’s a love story, spun out in sound, movement, and light, on a stage dominated by a glowing turntable suspended on a textured vertical wall, a cascade of angled white album covers (designer: Megan Koshka). 

This seductive collaboration of talents is led by Braydon Dowler-Coltman, a young actor/ director/ theatre artist of the experimental stripe, and the premier sound designer/composer Matt Skopyk, whose soundscape is a digital dissonances, open-ended melodies, surges that gain symphonic swells that increase and subside as the relationship starts in attractions, gains traction and hits obstacles.

The sound is amazingly theatrical. And so is the movement: both Glassman and Stec are eloquent and inventive dancers, who explore the story in a viscerally physical way.   

The verbal text is more problematic. The playful interplay whereby the two characters “discover” each other — “what’s your favourite place?” “if your life was a movie, what would it be?” — has charm. There are patches when the text tries a little too hard to be poetic, and ends up sounding a bit over-written and inert.

Maybe the lesson is that love stories live and breathe beyond words, in exhilaration and wonder of the body and the senses. And is this, To Be Moved speaks volumes.    

Liz Nicholls – 12th Night


Braydon Dowler-Coltman – DIRECTOR

Braydon Dowler-Coltman – Director – To Be Moved; Actor – A Quiet Place

Braydon is an Edmonton-based theatre artist, and an Artistic Associate with Blarney Productions. He received a BFA in Acting at the University of Alberta. Select theatre credits include: The Salon of the Talking Turk (Teatro La Quindicina), Fortune Falls (Catalyst Theatre/ATP), Subway Circus (Blarney Productions), Burning Bluebeard (Edmonton Actor’s Theatre), That’s Danger (AWHC), Tarzan (Broadway Live), Passion Play (WildSide Productions),  Bloody Poetry, Blood Wedding (Studio Theatre), A Christmas Carol, Peter Pan, The Pillowman (Citadel Theatre). Braydon received a Sterling Nomination for his direction of Scaramouche Jones (Blarney Productions) at last years Edmonton Fringe Festival. This year he will be returning to directing with a new creation: To Be Moved (Blarney Productions) at The Playhouse, while performing in A Quiet Place (BrainPile/Blarney Productions) at the Old Strathcona Performing Arts Centre.

Zoe Glassman – Anna

Zoe Glassman – Actress – To Be Moved

Zoe Glassman is an Alberta-based actor, dancer, and creator. She trained at the Edmonton School of Ballet before completing her BFA in acting at the University of Alberta. Select theatre credits include Little Red (Ghost River Theatre/Major Matt Mason),​ Stupid F@#king Bird (Edmonton Actors Theatre), Subway Circus (Blarney Productions), Control (Major Matt Mason), Tribes (Studio Theatre), and a co-created children’s show called For When She Wakes (Skirtsafire Festival). Zoe will be performing in a workshop of Geoffrey Simon Brown’s Night right after Fringe with Verb Theatre in Calgary, and then in her own piece, Doc by Lou, in residency with the Good Women Dance Collective in the fall. Zoe is a collaborator with the Major Matt Mason Collective.


Kristian Stec – Jeff

Kristian Stec – Actor – To Be Moved

Kristian Stec is a proud Edmonton-based theatre artist. Select theatre credits include Henry V (Malachites Theatre), Hot Mess (Cardiac Theatre), Two Goalies Go.. (Calgary Fringe), Blood Wedding (Studio Theatre). Kristian received a BFA in Acting at the University of Alberta. He is ecstatic to be apart of this new work and hopes you enjoy the show.







Megan Koshka – Production Designer

Megan Koshka – Production Designer – To Be Moved

Megan Koshka is a freelance Canadian theatre designer, based in Edmonton Alberta. She is a part of the Associated Designers of Canada and is a graduate from the University of Alberta with a degree in set, costume and lighting design (BFA). Select credits include set and costume design for Peter and the Starcatcher (Citadel Theatre), Irma Voth & Gordon (Theatre Network), costume design for Fortune Falls (Catalyst Theatre), 2016 & 2017 Freewill Shakespeare Festival (Free Will Player’s Theatre Guild). You can view her portfolio online at





Matt Skopyk – Music and Sound Designer

Matt Skoypk – Co-creator; Music Composer – To Be Moved

Matthew Skopyk is an Edmonton based Sound Designer and Composer. Recent Design/Composition credits include: Fortune Falls (Catalyst Theatre/ Alberta Theatre Projects), Romeo & Juliet (Freewill Shakespeare Festival), Or The Whale (Wishbone Theatre), Vigilante (Catalyst Theatre), Playing With Fire: The Theo Fleury Story (Citadel Theatre/ Persephone Theatre/ Alberta Theatre Projects), ENRON (National Arts Centre), Whisper (Studio Theatre/ Catalyst Theatre). Michelle et Ti Jean, Palace of the End (Theatre Network). Titus Andronicus, As You Like It, Macbeth, Much Ado About Nothing, Richard III, Twelfth Night, Othello (Freewill Shakespeare Festival). Matthew also currently resides as the Sound Supervisor for the Department of Drama at the University of Alberta.