by Jacob Richmond


Friday, September 1 @ 9pm

Saturday, September 2 @7pm




Rachel Bowron & Jenny McKillop


Directed by Luc Tellier

Production Design by Stephanie Bahniuk

Music & Sound Design by Dave Clarke

Stage Managed by Izzy Bergquist

Posters & Photographs by Ryan Parker Photography

Produced by Wayne Paquette, Braydon Dowler-Coltman & Luc Tellier



Two home-schooled siblings have assaulted their favourite pop icon and have been ordered to give a public service talk explaining why their actions were wrong. Penny and Ezra’s hyperactive sermon on juvenile delinquency takes them outside of Saskatchewan and into the world beyond – otherwise known to them as LEGOLAND.


LEGOLAND is a part of the 36th Edmonton International Fringe Festival

Venue #36: 

La Cité Francophone – L’unitheatre (8627 91 Street)


Thursday, August 17             9:45pm

Friday, August 18                   9:00pm

Saturday, August 19               3:00pm

Sunday, August 20                 6:45pm

Monday, August 21                2:00pm

Wednesday, August 23          7:30pm

Thursday, August 24             6:45pm

Friday, August 25                   9:15pm

Saturday, August 26               2:45pm


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Teenage Penny (Jenny McKillop) and pre-teen Ezra (Rachel Bowron) are homeschooled in small-town Saskatchewan. Their parents are part of a commune of hippies who refer to the outside world of Walmarts and McDonald’s restaurants as “Legoland.” Introduced to this outside world for the first time, the brother and sister’s misadventures feels like a pre-teen sitcom on the Disney Channel. Bowron is the deadpan funny to McKillop’s emotional franticness, and—while the jokes land fast and hard—the writing itself doesn’t have much depth and sometimes drags. Still, like a Disney Channel afternoon show, Legoland is hilarious place to spend some time.

4 Stars out of 5

Bryan Saunders


In this oddball, highly entertaining comedy by Victoria’s Jacob Richmond  — which predates another oddball, highly entertaining Richmond, Ride The Cyclone — we meet the Lambs, two precocious home-schooled siblings from the Elysium Community Farm near Uranium City, Sask.

Penny Lamb, 15, is the beaming, emotional, beaming hyperactive one (Jenny McKillop). Her 13-year-old bro (Rachel Bowron), has a unnervingly intense demeanor and a penchant for puppet shows exploring German nihilism. They’re onstage, and we’re in the audience, because by the terms of their 200 hours of community service arrangement, they’re making a presentation.

Legoland is all about performance, both in premise and execution in Luc Tellier’s bright, vaudevillian production. It’s self-consciously quirky that way. The resourceful Ezra, who’s the sound technician, art director, props runner, stage manager, and annotator has fashioned a make-shift theatre. Penny starts by explaining — “let me whisk you away to happier times!” — that Elysium is the kind of hippie grow-op haven of enlightenment where everyone comes first in humanistic talent shows and “the kids are all named Rainbow, Sunshine, Trotsky.”

Their odyssey through Legoland, the land beyond Elysium, is an escape from the St. Cassian Catholic boarding school regimen to which the Lambs were consigned after their parents got busted for cultivation and trafficking. And this journey through the Walmarts and McDonalds south of the border — the “land of silicone breasts and fundamentalists” as Ezra puts it — is fuelled by his “drug money,” i.e. sales of his Ritalin and Dexedrine supply.

The goal? the re-enlightenment of a boy band pop star Penny adores, who’s turned to gangsta rap thuggery.

The play has sassy fun mocking pop culture, new age-y clichés, consumerism, as well as putting the adult voice — grave in the case of Ezra and breezy from Penny —  in the mouths of babes. It’s satire, but of the quirky-playful not the withering kind.

The performances are a hoot. McKillop turns in a sweetly addled performance as Penny, the “aspiring animal conservationist” who smiles in a conciliatory, indulgent way over the excesses around her. Boron is hysterical as the gloomy but wired Ezra, whose cultural and political references are all apocalyptically bleak. He has much to work with in the new America. 

Hanging out with the Lambs for an hour is, well, inspirational. 

Liz Nicholls –


If you like quirky comedies, Legoland is for you. Sister and brother Penny, 16, and Ezra, 13, Lamb were born and raised on a utopian hippie commune in Uranium City, Saskatchewan.

When the grow-op is busted and the parents sent to prison, the siblings are packed off to St. Cassian’s Catholic School where the duo is promptly ostracized.

School is hell until Penny falls in love with boy band Seven Up – specifically the group’s cute singer Johnny Moon.

But when the band breaks up and Johnny launches a solo career as a foul-mouthed, misogynistic rapper, Penny decides to trek to Florida to change his ways.

The sale of Ezra’s Ritalin pills fund the trek to Orlando, and the Lambs’ ignorance of our corrupt, materialistic society fuels the laughter.

The versatile Jenny McKillop plays Penny with complete seriousness. The more serious she is about Penny’s bizarre life, the funnier she is.

And St. Albert Children’s Theatre musical director Rachel Bowron, who normally takes on the role of a sweet ingénue, tackles the self-absorbed Ezra, a boy fixated on German nihilism and a Jeffrey Dahmer puppet.

Of course, the siblings’ adventure doesn’t unspool as Penny expected, but half the fun is trying to figure where Legoland will ramble next.



Luc Tellier – DIRECTOR

Luc Tellier – Director – Legoland

This is Luc’s third season with Blarney, after directing last summer’s Never Swim Alone (Sterling Award Nomination) and appearing as Norman Bates in MOTE. Selected credits include Songs My Mother Never Sung Me and Sprouts (Concrete Theatre); Working It Out (Alberta Workers’ Health Centre); Songs For Sinners and Saints (Catalyst); A Christmas Carol, Arcadia, and The Sound of Music (Citadel); The Hothouse Prince and The Nutcracker Unhinged (Teatro la Quindicina); Maggie-Now (Workshop West); and King Lear and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Freewill Shakespeare Festival). Up next, he heads back to the Citadel for Shakespeare In Love, a co-production with the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre. He is also appearing in Blarney Productions’ A Quiet Place, running right now at the Fringe. 


Rachel Bowron – Ezra Lamb

Rachel Bowron – Actress – LEGOLAND

Rachel is thrilled to be going to Legoland with such an incredible team! Select theatre credits include Crazy for You (Citadel Theatre/Theatre Calgary) Avenue Q (Citadel Theatre); The Last Resort, Don’t Dress for Dinner (Mayfield Dinner Theatre); Going Going Gone, What Gives?, Barefoot in the Park, Eros and the Itchy Ant, The Hoof and Mouth Advantage, (Teatro la Quindicina); It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superman! (Plain Jane Theatre). Rachel’s very first Fringe production was as Harpo Marx in The Cocoanuts in 2005, and she has loved being a part of this Festival ever since!






Jenny McKillop – Penny Lamb

Jenny McKillop – Actress – LEGOLAND

Jenny McKillop is an actor/singer/producer who is proud to call Edmonton home. Favourite credits include: I Heard About Your Murder, Pith, (Teatro La Quindicina); Mary Poppins (Globe Theatre); A New Brain (Plain Janes); Maggie Now (Workshop West/ Fringe Theatre Adventures); The Gravitational Pull of Bernice 
Trimble (workshop- Citadel Theatre) and The Taming of the Shrew, Hamlet (River City Shakespeare). She is proud to be an ensemble member at Teatro La Quindicina and founding member of Praise Doris Productions. Jenny is a graduate of the Theatre Arts program at McEwan University and holds a BFA in Acting from the University of Alberta. Also, at this year’s fringe, she’s appearing in the new Canadian comedy, Myth of the Ostrich playing at the Old Strathcona Performing Arts Centre.





Stephanie Bahniuk – Production Designer

Stephanie Bahniuk – Production Designer – LEGOLAND

Stephanie is an Edmonton based set, lighting and costume designer with a BFA in Theatre Design from the University of Alberta. Stephanie has had the opportunity to work both in the Edmonton theatre community and internationally most recently as Lead Assistant Costume Designer for Williamstown Theatre Festival’s 2015 season in Massachusetts. Recent credits include costume design for Jesus Christ Superstar (Mayfield Dinner Theatre), set and lighting design for Hansel and Gretel (Alberta Opera), production design for Stupid Fucking Bird (Edmonton Actors Theatre) and lighting design for The Moon at Midnight (Prairie Dance Circuit). Stephanie has been nominated for two Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards and is the recipient of the award for Outstanding Set Design (Stupid Fucking Bird, 2017). This Fall, Stephanie will begin her MFA studies at Yale School of Drama.


Izzy Berguist – Stage Manager

Izzy Bergquist – Stage Manager – LEGLOLAND

Izzy is a student at the University of Alberta, going into her final year of the BFA majoring in Stage Management. In the past she has worked with Catch the Keys Productions, Opera Nuova, StageLab Festival, Nextfest, Dancefest, Freewill Shakespeare Festival and worked on various productions at the UofA. Her most recent credits include Apprentice Stage Manager with Freewill Shakespeare Company on this seasons The Merry Wives of Windsor and The Merchant of Venice. Izzy is completely dazzled by the company of creators that she is working with this fringe, and she hopes you enjoy the show!


Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke – Sound Designer – LEGOLAND









Jacob Richmond – PLAYWRIGHT

Jacob Richmond – Playwright – LEGOLAND

Jacob Richmond studied acting and playwriting at Concordia University in Montreal and at UVIC. His plays include: The Qualities of Zero, Small Returns, Ride the Cyclone and Legoland. Legoland has picked up numerous awards across Canada. He has also received the Montreal English Critic’s Circle Award and was nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore Award. He has written pieces for CBC Radio as well as for film and television. Jacob performed in My Chernobyl and was nominated for a Jessie Award for his sound design. He is currently performing in Blue Bridge Theatre’s Death of a Salesman and The Fantasticks.