Blarney Productions is an indie theatre company located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our work is meticulously crafted and pushes boundaries. It is sometimes dangerous, and always provocative. Our work is dark.

We are dedicated to producing theatre that challenges our audience, entertains, and goes below the surface. We like feeling uncomfortable; we like to shock; we like to unflinchingly ask why.

Blarney was co-founded in 2006 by John Sproule and Wayne Paquette. Since, we have been nominated for 30 Elizabeth Sterling Haynes awards, and have won 9.

IMG_1054final-3440938633-O“The actors work at such dramatic intensity you can’t help but be drawn into their pain. This is a rough journey, but, for those willing to go along, it’s a riveting, vivid experience.” – Colin MacLean, Edmonton Sun

“…takes hold of you by the throat, and literally makes you breathless with its surprises, its Rum and Vodkaprobing spirit, its embrace of human contradictions. Not to mention its heat, and its toughness. More than enough reasons to venture into the theatre, as Wayne Paquette’s powerhouse production confirms.” – Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal

“That such depth is explored so ably is a testament to Paquette’s abilities as much as his actors, and it makes Orange Flower Water one of the best plays of the season.” – David Berry, Vue Weekly

“Gentle, elegiac and haunting, Wayne Paquette’s production of Brian Friel’s Afterplay is one of the best things I have seen.” – Colin MacLean, Edmonton Sun

“Attend this must-see show or risk your immortal soul.” – Gilbert Bouchard, Vue Weekly